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I pretty much never have a minute to sit and update anymore (who would have guessed- five children and all?)

Life is hectic, but good. I'm looking into applying for an autism service dog for Aiden. There's a 1-2 year waiting period, but sometimes it is less- particularly if the child is higher functioning and has a 1:1 >aide at school. So we'll see. I'm hoping that will help us function a bit more normally in day to day activities as his anxiety is generally through the roof. Shopping, for instance, turns into a moan fest about I have to have xyz over and over because it's far easier to perseverate about that than focus on all the stuff going on and the expectations.

Keagan is finishing up with speech and OT- and of course early intervention- as he heads to school in September. At that point, speech and OT will be through the school. Luckily there are 7 kids in the class and they have an aide because there are some other things going on with a couple of the kids. I suspect he'll do fine. He passed his ADOS and was tested with a very high IQ, we'll see what happens going forward. And Malachi? Well. He's Malachi. He's doing well with speech therapy and will be starting pre-k this year (though we'll do it for 2 years.) I'm hoping to hear back on his ADOS, as I suspect that will be a very different result- but getting in with psychologists is hard- there aren't enough!

Shane is working locally for now- though who knows whether that will change. He's been offered a position with CN Rail, but they aren't hiring currently but hope to slot him 'soon' he's the successful candidate, but hurry up and wait is tough. He's also put in for a position with Schlumberger again, though after the cutbacks, it's quite hard to trust that.

As for me, with the sheer number of therapy appointments and so on- working full time isn't in the cards for me any time soon. I did, however, just pick up a job working with a caterer. It's reasonable pay, fits my needs, and most importantly, lets me be away from home for a few hours at a time without guilt. I have a wedding to work Saturday, and another the following weekend. It will also help a bit with the whole earning less than half of what we were earning 6 months ago thing. Thank goodness we got less house than we could afford on paper.

I'm a bit beside myself- in September it will just be Annabelle, Eliza, and myself home during the week. I'm not quite sure what to do with that breathing space!

I hope to be back here more frequently, but setting aside time to be here is hard. Still, I like having something to look back on now and again.

So, I'll leave with a last day of Grandir (pre-k) and Maternelle (K) of Aiden and Keagan.

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So, Thursday two little boys head off to school. And immediately after I drop them off, I head down to be induced. Can I possibly fit any more into a single day?

Breathe in..... breathe out... count to 10.... 50... 100... yell. Oops.

I love that Annabelle is willing to help out and likes taking on new tasks (lately, she's taken to cooking simple meals 1-2 times a week.) However, We came home from grabbing stuff for dinner and before it was even put away, she launched into preparing it. The boys- with zero transition time- were totally spun. And because it was to be hamburgers and macaroni and cheese they were suddenly starving (funny how that happens with junk food meals...)

My plan had been to come home, send them out to play, put things away, start dinner, and call them in to wash up as it was ready. Didn't work that way because the impatient big kid messed with the routine.

I know, it really is/should be a non-issue, but darnit, stop messing with my routines!! I have them in place for a reason.

On the upside, she did a good job with the burgers and the boys are enjoying dinner with their big sister. I am going to toss together something for myself once they are off to bed. You know- with leaves and twigs and things they think are suspect. Mmm. health food!

So much going on- this is a crappy update- eventually I will have some time to fill everyone in, but for now we are getting settled in the new house, planning projects to do here over the next couple years (it needs prettying up and landscaping) and generally enjoying being near the ocean.

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Yeah, so when Annabelle's friend's dad stopped by earlier to ask if she could stay here while he ran a quick errand into town (less than 10 minutes from here) I did not plan to have to give her dinner and disrupt the entire evening for the little kids. It's been about 4 hours now...

I would probably be less annoyed if she ate the same food we were making, but I had to make a box of macaroni and cheese in addition to the real meal, because she refused to eat anything else we were having. I will tell my own kids to suck it up and eat what's made, but I have to at least make sure this kid eats something.

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Somehow in the past couple days, Aiden and Keagan have decided to stop being mortal enemies and become friends. I am torn between being very happy that they are getting along, and terrified about what they may be plotting.

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It's about 40 minutes to the nearest big shopping area- there are other areas in between, but that's where things like Sobey's, Walmart, Superstore and so on are. So we go once a week-ish. Today was our once a week. Can I just say how magical it is to not have to worry about how much things cost while grocery shopping? I mean- obviously within reason, but just being able to get a couple extras is a big thing. Shane will be irked with me because I went over-budget but I had to restock some of the pantry basics like yeast, flour, baking powder- all that stuff, and it's only a few days until payday, so I decided to pay back into savings then and save a second trip this week. He can deal. It's only really an issue because we need to replace the car in a couple weeks, so we need the 'extra' money for that, but I can't do without the basics around here forever. Now I have pantry stuff to cook with, and a coffee maker. That's right, I've been living without a coffee maker since we left BC, and even then I was only using a coffee press. I shelled out the whopping $10 for a cheap coffee maker, and another $10 for coffee to go with it. I also replaced my 9x13 pan, so caramel rolls and coffee are in order as soon as the weather cools down.

I'm trying to lj more- because my previous journals documented a great deal of 'stuff' and I feel like it's nice to have that to walk back through things as I need to. I want to have that again.

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Anyone want a spare 1.5 year old? Ok, so he's actually quickly approaching 2, but at the moment he is playing in the cupboards and generally causing havoc. I haven't installed child safety locks yet as I really REALLY need to paint. Oh, I need to paint so much- I am tired just thinking about it and I hate painting. A lot.

Especially over the crap that is going on here. I mean really? Dark brown, bright red, BLACK?! What drugs were these people on? Deep breath- one room at a time... I think I will start with the living room- it's got three dark chocolate brown walls and one bright red. I mean, I get what they were going for, but no. It's going to be nice light bright colors- I haven't decided on white or cream, but it will not be BLACK. Even the back porch/mudroom/laundry area is done in shades of black. Come on.

Upstairs there are two black bedrooms to repaint, and one white bedroom with writing all over the place by some emo teenage girl who was way into lyrics and lacking parental supervision. One room at a time we'll get it sorted. When Shane is done with his current trip away, hopefully I can bribe him to do some painting. For now we are living with minimal stuff so it will be best to paint now before all the furniture is set up.

I need to figure out where the kids bedrooms will ultimately wind up. There are three bedrooms upstairs, one is twice the size of the other two, and there is a central lounge area connecting them all- which could be a second living room or something. I haven't decided the best use of that space.

Downstairs is hard to describe- but coming in the front door there is a narrow hallway straight in front. Off to the left is the living room, and off to the right are two other rooms. The hallway goes all the way through to the kitchen- splitting the house in half lengthwise. The kitchen is big enough that it is where the table is going to be permanently (I NEED a farmhouse table in there) though the living room could be split to living room and dining room as well, and I will plan to put a table/seating in there as well for kids projects and so on- I just need to decide on exactly what to do with the space. (Holy crap sentence structure- I'm just not in the mood to care.)

So now I need to decide who to put in what bedroom spaces permanently and start painting. I think I will leave Aiden and Keagan in a room together. Malachi is still in with me, but he is going to be 2 soon enough, and I guess I have to let go at some point. None of the rooms is a defined 'Master Bedroom' so it makes it hard to sort out.

Happy Easter.

Ahh... relaxation, peace, etc and so on.. or. Not?

Shane worked last night- good because working is always a good thing, but hello? Easter morning? Yeah, he came home and went to bed. So the kids really don't get to have Easter morning.

I have an activity planned for the afternoon, but I haven't bothered to put together their baskets because I figured we could do that together when he got home. Instead, he decided to sleep.

Then I put the crib together alone- Malachi coleeps and uses a pack and play the rest of the time since we've been here, but I wasn't willing to put off his having a crib/bed of his own any longer.

Bleh- the stuff I should be able to do with the other parent still isn't stuff that seems to happen that way. Other things do happen though, so I should be happy about that, I guess.

We did family trips to the zoo and up to Harrison Hot Springs. We have fun together. I'm jut feeling bitter that I don't get a proper Easter with the kids and their father today even though we are actually here.

On top of that, Annabelle is a raging hormonal mes at the moment (thank you tween PMS) and the boys are bouncing off that energy and being out of control. I haven't seen them so ill-behaved in ages!

I missed church again for the second week in a row and despite my having screamed in pain as the three year old managed to break my finger while I was assembling the crib (he jumped on the base support as I was screwing it together- apparently fingers don't like forces in those directions) Shane kept sleeping. -_-

On the upside though, our neighbor is moving out and offered me some houseplants and other 'stuff' we didn't have around. It was very sweet and helps to make my comfy escape space more inviting as it's rather a neglected room. I will probably be in furniture flux for a good couple years as we get things established here, but it will get there eventually.

So for now, I'll leave off with a couple pictures from yesterday, and other randomness. We took the kids to the zoo so they could go on the safari minitrain when it reopened yesterday after a couple months of track repairs. DSCN2262 (800x600)
DSCN2293 (800x600)
DSCN2308 (800x600)
DSCN2316 (600x800)
DSCN2327 (800x645)
DSCN2384 (800x600)
DSCN2390 (600x800)
DSCN2393 (800x600)